Finding a Learning Community


Learning Communities (LCs) are a great way to study!

In LCs, classes are “linked” — this means that the same group (or cohort) of students will be taking the courses in the LC and the faculty teaching them will work together to integrate the courses through a common theme, shared materials, and shared assignments.

This site contains descriptions of all of the learning communities (LCs) we are offering at Kingsborough, updated each semester.

To find a LC, please narrow down your choice using the drop down menus to the right.

  1. Start by choosing the semester you want to register for, Fall or Spring. If you don’t choose a semester, you might bring up a LC that is currently not offered, so please don’t forget this step! 🙂

2. Then….

  • If you have already completed at least one semester at Kingsborough, please choose “Continuing Student” to find those LCs that do not include SD 10, Freshman Seminar
  • If you are an entering Freshman, choose a LC that includes SD 10, our First-Year Seminar, by choosing “SD 10”
  • If you are an entering ESL student, courses are one-year long and can be found by choosing “ESL”

3. Then hit “Search”

You can choose LCs by subject/class [e.g., English  (91, 92, 93, ALP, 12, or 24 ), ESL, SD 10, Culinary Arts, Philosophy, Psychology, etc.; ASAP is also included here].

Once you have found a LC you are interested in, please see an Academic Advisor to register for the link.